a selection of my previous work

Don't Open The Door
'Don't open the door' is a film by carlo bath of filmitvfx studios. i lensed the film using red mx one.
The Apostate
A man is found crawling around, covered in his own blood, in a disused underground car park. But he's not alone. Four dead bodies are found in the same place. Through a series of flashbacks and interviews, we slowly piece together the events that took place that led to his incarceration and the grisly discoveries. Coming to streaming platforms soon...
It's a love thing
England 1982 - Jessica joins her new classmates and catches the eye of Andrew, a shy 12 year old, who is usually more interested in Star Wars than the opposite sex. Discovering he gets 'butterflies' when they are together and can smell that new and unusual 'girl' smell - he begins to develop his first crush. He feels his heart being broken in two when Jessica's father, a serviceman, has to pack her off to her granddad when war breaks out in the south Atlantic. . . Coming to streaming platforms soon...
Lullaby is the tragic story of Amanda. When the wolf is at the door, she can see no way out. This fairy-tale doesn't end with a happy ever after. The film was shot with the Panasonic GH2 and edited in Adobe Premiere. DIRECTED, PHOTOGRAPHED, EDITED, COLOUR CORRECTION / GRADED, TITLES, SPECIAL FX BY ANDY DODD
Something I never had
A man waits nervously for a meeting with his daughter. A woman he hasn't seen for 26 years - it's time for some startling home truths...
Got Money - Music Video
Leu Doc
A short dark comedy film set in the West Midlands. The film delves into the strange world of murder mystery with a twist!
Tailor Made - Music Video - Phoenix Laine
Berwick House
MEIKE 35MM S35 | BMPCC6K G2 | Test Footage | Short Cinematic Berwick House & Gardens is a Grade II* listed Georgian-Victorian manor that has been loved by the same family for six generations. Here is a selection of shots taken with MEIKE 35MM S35 cinema prime EF. Test footage for a feature film to be shot in August. Filmed handheld, on the BMPCC6K Pro. Shot in 6K BRAW. Mostly at 2.8.
Infomercial/talking head for pdsa
COALPORT | OG BMPCC | DNG RAW | Short Cinematic This was shot on the original Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera Coalport is a village in Shropshire, England. It is located on the River Severn in the Ironbridge Gorge, a mile downstream of Ironbridge.
Natalie Still doesn't know about Louise
Tom is a lothario. A ridiculous lothario. After roping the office goddess in to going on a date with his best mate, Paul, Tom thinks he can orchestrate true love to his own devices. Shot on super 16mm.
We are thrust into a desolate world overrun by the relentless undead. In this nightmarish realm, a young girl, grapples with the bleak, unforgiving landscape that has become her home.Stripped of her identity and her past, she navigates a world where survival is an instinct, a solitary existence defined by gritty resourcefulness. Living off meager scraps and battling the ever-present threat of the undead, she becomes an embodiment of resilience in the face of despair.
Queenies Cupcakery
Infomercial/talking head for Queenies Cupcakery
Dr Who - Brainstorm - Fan FIlm
Take Your Time
When Harry starts receiving mysterious letters and photographs, he finds himself drawn towards a dangerous scenario involving time, space and his past self. Why does he appear in photographs from a hundred years ago? Who is Belle, a mysterious woman who keeps appearing and trying to guide him? And who are the strange, ashen faced men who keep following him?
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